BON baby wash

100% Natural Baby Wash. Formulated from organic, natural oils, specially for baby’s sensitive skin. No harmful ingredients.

Available in 200ml 

Natural Baby Wash

Is your baby niggly and difficult to settle?

Baby’s have delicate skin. As soon as their skin is aggravated they become uncomfortable and difficult to settle.

Chemicals found in other baby care products cause your baby’s skin irritation, dryness, chafing, and rashes.

Irritations make your baby unhappy.

You can use a Natural baby wash to help soothe and nourish their skin.

Bon Baby in bathYour baby is dry for the first few weeks after birth, therefore they need help staying moisturised.

B.O.N’s 100% Baby Wash is a natural foaming liquid wash. It’s made from organic, and natural oils.

Designed to keep their skin soft, moisturised, and comfortable.

If your baby is happy, you will be happy too.

This gentle formulation is:

  1. free of surfactants
  2. no harsh chemicals
  3. colourants free
  4. uses an allergen free, baby-fresh fragrance

As a result, this Natural Baby Wash is ideal for newborn and sensitive skin.

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